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There wasn't anything we wished was there but wasn't

Kipuka Cottage was our first stop on our vacation.  I was apprehensive about being in the rain forest on the start of our journey.  But it was a unique and amazing experience which was enhanced by the design and location of your house.  Instead of feeling pent in by the rain, the covered patio, tree house loft & large windows made you feel a part of it (but warm and dry).  We spent 3 days in Volcano hiking - sometimes to the tune of 10 & 12 miles a day.  Coming "home" to the house to a martini on the deck and a cooked meal, reading, and writing, planning out the remainder of our stay with your great books - it was all so easy with your well prepared/stocked kitchen & house.

My husband is an architecture buff.  He went nuts over the design, took tons of pictures, and some inspiration.  He keeps talking about how much he liked the large sliding glass door.  I loved all the details - the bust looking in the bedroom window, a head under a cake cover and the glass head full of glass (I purchased my own glass head when we returned).  Also the interior details, ceramic hands, great use of space (with the small stove, etc.).  We both agreed that there wasn't anything we wished was there but wasn't. ...